Children smile, laugh and LEARN when “Magic Bob” McEntee & his incredible reading related illusions appear in “Discover the Magic of Reading!” Elementary School Reading assembly program in NY, NJ, CT and beyond. 20 years of mesmerizing performances. Ideal for PARP, Book-fairs, libraries & more! Two versions ideal for grades K-3 and 4-6. Multiple program discounts too. Call or email for the study guide!


Inspiring students to read more, learn easier & behave better.

Reading & Positive Themes!

Motivation Through Magic!

Age Appropriate Humor!

Educational Storytelling!

Audience Participation!

Musical Grand Finale!

Incredible Talking Picture!

Float a Student in the Air!

Students shout the magic words for the show, “We love to READ!” from a big sign they see, building their excitement for reading and the assembly itself.

Here’s what folks are saying about our Reading Program

A few tricky examples
PARP Reading Assembly

Students focus on a large spinning spiral afterwards they are amazed to see someone’s head visually grow much bigger and then smaller!

The science behind the optical illusion is explained, that the eye muscles became fatigued when looking at the spiral and overcompensate when relaxing and looking at something else. I explain that reading exercises the mind AND the eye muscles. Speed and comprehension increases with practice. For older grades some simple eye exercises are taught.

Students see that reading is fun!

Reading Program for Elementary Schools NY, NJ, CT
PARP Read Assembly Program

Magical books are used in the show with things popping out of them and words and pictures magically appearing.

Through exaggeration students see that reading is fun, reading makes them smarter and reading improves their imagination, and often what’s vividly imagined comes true! Therefore vividly picturing themselves doing well on a test, in sports, etc. can improve results.

Grant & funding eligible, such as NY BOCES. Make your PARP program unforgettable with an incredible reading incentive or reward: Sawing the Principal (or teacher etc) “in half’ or making them magically appear! Your school will LOVE the program or it’s FREE! Call 631-757-4206 or email for customized details!